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Antioxidant Use in Personal Care

Each day skin is exposed to some sort of oxidation, whether it be from sun exposure, pollution, heat or cold, free-radicals are being produced which can ultimately lead to cell damage. Antioxidants fight these free radicals, therefore, scientific evidence suggests antioxidants applied to skin via a personal care medium could protect and counteract the signs of aging skin (i.e., loss of elasticity, firmness and radiance).

As the skin benefits of antioxidants have made the news, their rise in popularity has increased immensely in the personal care industry. Antioxidants are not new to this business. They were first introduced to help fight oil rancidity in personal care products. These, of course, were mostly the vitamin-based antioxidants such as vitamin A, C and E. As scientific studies have increased in this realm, the antioxidant world has expanded. The largest increase has been seen with the use of the trendier non-vitamin antioxidants such as those in superfruits.

Superfruit is a word used to describe a fruit with above average health benefits and a high antioxidant or ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value. Examples of superfruits are acai, pomegranate, cranberry, blueberry and goji berry. All are said to have higher levels of antioxidants according to the ORAC scale. Extracts, butters and powders have been made from these fruits that can easily be incorporated into personal care products.

Grain Processing Corporation has developed a Pomegranate Body Lotion formula containing pomegranate butter as well as PURE-GEL® modified corn starch and MALTRIN® maltodextrin. The pomegranate is used as an antioxidant source. PURE-GEL® modified corn starch is used as the thickener providing a short, creamy texture while the MALTRIN® maltodextrin adds body and a rich consistency. If you would like more information on this formula, other formulas, or our products, please visit the Personal Care Market section of our website.

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