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Bio-based Products Offer Holistic Choices to Binder Applications

When your products need a boost in sustainability and environmentally friendly attributes to distinguish them in the marketplace, think GPC. GPC has extensive knowledge in carbohydrate chemistry using bio-based products. We can help you develop your next generation of products. You may be amazed at the choices available that benefit your customers at the same time bringing them an edge in green, bio-based technology.

The backbone of our product line starts with repeating units of alpha-glucose molecules (starch). This chemistry is a natural fit with beta-glucose (cellulose-based) products. These molecular structures are so similar they have the same chemical formula when written out. The major difference between the two is in the molecular geometry making starch digestible and cellulose non-digestible. These very similar molecules provide each other thousands of hydrogen-bonding sites that produce a strong adhesion. Add water to your cellulose/starch composites and your product becomes re-pulpable. Binding applications run the gamut from wallboard, ceiling tile and paper bags to charcoal, pelletizing and other multi-core microencapsulation processes, mining, drilling and proprietary composites.

GPC offers choices of molecular weights, viscosities and filming characteristics. We provide B200 and B20F unmodified starches; C-Series family of thin boiling starches; and SEALMASTER®
P-Series starch pastes and adhesives for use as adhesive components or one-bag mixes. There are choices for cooking or cold water swelling (no-cook) product versions. Within some of these product lines are highly modified starches in powder, pregelled powders and liquid forms to help replace a portion, or all, of your latex needs. All of these forms of starch are high purity and will give maximum performance per pound. For example, GPC pregelled starch powders have a much higher degree of purity compared to the pregelled flours available. These may offer you stepped up performance to your current pregelled flour.

If you need these high functionality polymers, check out our COATMASTER® ethylated starches and SEALMASTER® modified starch pastes and adhesives on our website. We are prepared to help anyone reach sustainability and environmental responsibility goals for their products. Please contact us for more information.

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