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Demand for Quality Ethyl Alcohol Continues to Grow

Quality ethyl alcohol demand for the industrial and beverage markets continues to grow. The spirits industry is in high gear to produce summer’s refreshing beverages. Vodka and flavored vodkas continue to lead the consumption categories and domestic spirits head the charge. GPC remains in the forefront as a supplier of low congener GNS to meet this strengthening demand.

As the economy recovers, industrial alcohol demand has improved across a broad number of industries. Pharmaceuticals, chemical intermediates, personal care products and cleaners and sanitizers have shown steady demand increases.

If you’ve never given GPC alcohol a try, now is the time to qualify our high purity alcohol products for your end use needs. Consistent production of high-quality alcohol and on-time delivery may provide performance advantages over your current supply base. GPC is focused, committed, and dedicated to ensure the supply of high-quality alcohol on a long-term basis. Give us a call and you’ll be glad to hear how we might help meet your current and future alcohol needs.

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