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GPC has developed a New Environmentally Friendly Adhesive:
SEALMASTER® P50L (modified starch paste adhesive)

GPC has a long history of developing new and unique products to meet the needs of our customers. In the Industrial Starch area, we have an excellent blend of traditional and new products. These products provide outstanding performance for numerous markets, including Papermaking, Corrugating, Multiwall Bag, Textiles, Building Materials, and Mining/Drilling. One of the newer products that have been developed is SEALMASTER® P50L.

SEALMASTER® P50L is a starch-based adhesive with excellent adhesion to poly substrates. This proprietary, 50% solids, water-based product has exceptional adhesion when laminating paper-to-paper and poly-to-paper. Historically, latex-based adhesives have been the product of choice when laminating paper-to-PE, or other difficult to adhere substrates. Now there is a new option. SEALMASTER® P50L has been demonstrated to replace latex on a one-to-one basis for many applications. Switching from latex to SEALMASTER® P50L is an excellent way to reduce reliance on petrochemicals, now and into the future.

If you would like further information on SEALMASTER® P50L or any of our other Industrial Products, please contact us. We are ready to provide you with the superior quality, performance, and service that has made GPC the supplier of choice for over 60 years.

SEALMASTER® is a registered trademark of Grain Processing Corporation.