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Grain Processing Corporation’s Carbohydrates Help Customers Reduce Costs While Padding Bottom Lines

In today’s marketplace, it’s essential for food manufacturers to keep a close watch over their bottom line. Many times, improving bottom lines can help companies stay competitive and may even provide an opportunity to attract new business. This, of course, needs to be achieved without sacrificing quality.

Grain Processing Corporation can help customers utilize MALTRIN® maltodextrins and modified food starches to fully or partially replace some costly ingredients. Some ingredients have had a history of high price fluctuations such as dairy solids, guar and other hydrocolloids along with vegetable oils.

Dairy solids such as lactose, dried whey and nonfat dry milk are often used as fillers in dry mixes, frozen desserts and cheese spreads. Dairy derivates have often been used because of their low sweetness profile. MALTRIN® maltodextrins exhibit similar low sweetness, and can be used in these applications as a low-cost filler. MALTRIN® maltodextrins also exhibit the same energy profile as dairy derivatives, have a clean flavor, and have been shown to enhance mouthfeel in these applications.

In addition, MALTRIN® maltodextrins have been used to replace vegetable oil in salad dressings and tack coatings. In snacks, the oil used to coat them can make up the majority of the finished weight of the product. Switching to an aqueous coating with INSTANT PURE-COTE® modified food starch may be able to replace the oil and save processors money while lowering calories. INSTANT PURE-COTE® evenly coats snacks to adhere seasonings and flavors.

Bakery products typically utilize expensive hydrocolloids to increase batter viscosity and provide stabilization. Because gums hydrate at a slow rate, they can continue to hydrate in the baking step, sometimes causing cakes to crack and shrink from the edges of the pan. INSCOSITY® modified food starch can provide stabilization and rapidly increase batter viscosity, potentially presenting a cost savings.

A few simple formulation changes may help companies save some green. Grain Processing Corporation’s modified food starches and MALTRIN® maltodextrins can make some applications more economical while maintaining and sometimes even improving quality. Need help improving your bottom line? Contact GPC today!

MALTRIN®, INSTANT PURE-COTE® and INSCOSITY® are registered trademarks of Grain Processing Corporation.