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It‘s all about the base! Sugar-free Exfoliation

Exfoliation is an important part of the beauty regime for many people. It rejuvenates the skin by sloughing off dead skin cells leaving the skin looking bright and smooth. A good exfoliation can be rather harsh if not properly paired with an adequate moisturizing agent. Many of the exfoliating scrubs that are on the market today are sugar based and contain one or more essential oils along with an abundance of carrier oils. Due to the crystalline structure of sugar, oil absorption properties are extremely low. Therefore, the sugar tends to be oversaturated by the oil and can be a packaging nightmare. Oil leakage can be a huge issue not only for the manufacturer but also for the retailer as well as the consumer. Even if the package is sealed well and makes it through the shipping process, there is a very high chance it will leak on the retail shelves. And once the consumer opens the seal, the tendency to leak goes even higher. This not only creates a mess, but if the scrub is stored in the shower and some of the oil unknowingly happens to leak on the shower floor, it can also create a slipping hazard.

MALTRIN QD® maltodextrins are agglomerated maltodextrins manufactured by Grain Processing Corporation. They are available in a wide range of DE values and are easily soluble in water. These carbohydrates are a great substitute for sugar in oil-based sugar scrubs. Due to their unique particle shape, MALTRIN QD® maltodextrins are not only great exfoliators, they are also able to absorb oils so there isn’t the opportunity to form that free oil layer seen in many sugar scrubs on the market. MALTRIN QD® products also have a lower bulk density than sugar so less product can be used to fill up a package based on volume. Since the maltodextrin absorbs the oil, the percentage of oil in the formula can still remain the same as it would with any standard sugar scrub. Therefore, the manufacturer can use less raw ingredient for the exfoliator in a maltodextrin scrub and achieve the same exfoliation/moisturization impact as a sugar scrub. Since more oil can be carried on each particle of MALTRIN QD® maltodextrin, all of the oil in the formula can be utilized and more emollient can be delivered to the target exfoliation spot leaving the skin extremely soft and smooth.

If you would like to learn more about using MALTRIN QD® maltodextrins in scrubs or the use of our personal care starches and maltodextrins in other formulations, please visit us at booth #1035 at the New York SCC Supplier’s Day, May 12-13, or browse the Personal Care section of our website.

MALTRIN QD® is a registered trademarks of Grain Processing Corporation.